10593049_919240764791868_8744999034121126288_nMy name is Effy, and I’m a journal artist, on line teacher, and creativity coach. I like to write about art journaling, intentional creativity, creative business, and my personal and ever evolving brand of ‘woo woo magpie’ spirituality. I also tend to write a lot about my very ordinary life in an attempt to foster a sense of appreciation, mindfulness, and reverence for what IS. I overshare. 🙂 You have been warned!

There is a full blown article and interview about me  by Tamara Laporte over here on Willowing and another one here on DirtyFootPrints.Com.

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Seven Days of ICAD2016

I’ve been playing along with ICAD for the first time since I noticed it as a community challenge a few years ago. It’s been really fun, and very challenging to a) work on such craptacular paper (index cards are so flimsy!) and b) work on such a small... read more

Where I’m Sharing + Some Recent Work

Hi. 🙂 I am in the midst of a storm over here in Effyland that created a terrible time & energy crunch, but things are easing up now, so I wanted to connect with you here, and let you know that I am shifting my posting habits a little bit. All updates with regards... read more

Winner Announced!

AND THE WINNER IS! Tanja! Tamara has already been informed that you won, and you can expect to hear from her soon. YAY!!!! For those that didn’t win, there is an EARLY BIRD PRICE! Read on… “Ever After” is a mixed media art & style development course... read more

Grief, Anger, & Whiplash {Trigger Alert}

I wrote recently about wanting to be soft. This is a struggle for me because I don’t yet know how to be soft AND have healthy boundaries. I seem to swing between extreme poles of so soft I’m leaking life force all over the place, and allowing (and even... read more

Soft Is Better + A Gallery of Art Cards + A Speed Painting

I thought that nursing the anger would harden me, but it didn’t. Sitting with it, counting the ways, reciting a litany of reasons only resulted in an overwhelming rush of empathy. After a month of trying to be hard and then harder, after donning all the armour I... read more

Younger Self & Imagination

I tell my people all the time that there is no behind! They should work at their own pace! They should do what they can when they can! They should do it *their way*! But if *I* fall behind, or if I adapt a thing to suit me? I feel all kinds of omgdoom. I’m... read more

Intuition, Books, Rest

This is the way it has to be – a few prompts at a time – at least until I’m caught up, and I’m okay with that. Adapting is what I do now. I used to just quit, but now? I bend the rules so I can do the things I want to do. I don’t buy the... read more

Home, Morning, Feet

This is an image of the corner where I spend my early mornings, and so it stands in for both ‘home’ and ‘morning’ in the #aprillove2016 challenge. What you’re seeing here is evidence of self-care. It’s proof of making a place my... read more

April Love {Trigger Alert}

When Susannah Conway’s ‘April Love‘ blogging challenge first came out, I was sad because I wasn’t really blogging and I had no idea how I was going to drag myself out of my ‘non-blogging’ hermit cave in order to participate. Today,... read more

I Exist When No One Is Looking

The art I’ve scattered throughout this post is stuff I’ve done since I moved into my new apartment. It’s here so I can break up all the text, but I also want to show off a bit. 🙂 I’ve been working on having less of a reflexive ‘on... read more

Last Night (ft. Some Photos Of My New Place)

I have been feeling a little bit like I’m in whirlwind lately. The move, the way the move put me way behind in all things work related, two very intense trainings (and I just added a third to my schedule), family stuff… The movers lugged my stuff over to... read more

All The Things + Spring

One of the things I can count on is that spring, like morning, always comes. I take enormous comfort in this! Winters can be quite long here in Southwestern Ontario – at least, they feel interminable – and I *hate* the cold, the slush, the slog through icy... read more


I’ve drawn the winner, my loves, and it is APG JAMIE! She wrote ” love Love & did I say LOVE this set of stencils and the way you made the one come alive on your spread xo”. CONGRATULATIONS, JAMIE! I’ve already send a letter off to Lisa! xo... read more

SPECTRUM Winner Announced + Get $10 Off!

AND THE WINNER IS!! Which was this comment: CONGRATULATIONS! YAY! I’ve already emailed Hali with your contact info. <3 Didn’t win? No worries, poptarts! You can have Spectrum for $10 off if you order before February 3rd. CLICK HERE TO ORDER. I hope to... read more

There’s Nothing Like A Good Purge

Sometimes, blogging feels a lot like vomiting after having been queasy for days and days. Gross, right? But so true. I mean, my pattern is that when things are difficult, or painful, I isolate, and all this swill just builds up in me until I realize that I am... read more

The Year So Far

January 1st found me scrambling to get the first prompt of 2016 up for Journal52, despite the fact that I had only just taken ownership of it the day before. I had the prompt up at midnight, because that’s how I roll. I have so much gratitude to Sarah Trumpp for... read more

Journal52 2016 – Week #2

Every Friday of 2016, you will find a new post here containing two prompts – one from Effy Wild, and one from Sarah Trumpp. We decided that we are perfectly mismatched misfits, what with Effy being all deep and excavat-ey and into the self-inquiry and Sarah... read more

Journal52 – Week One

Every Friday of 2016, you will find a new post here containing two prompts – one from Effy Wild, and one from Sarah Trumpp. We decided that we are perfectly mismatched misfits, what with Effy being all deep and excavat-ey and into the self-inquiry and Sarah... read more

Journal52 – Journals Galore

Journal52! Yeah! Those of you here at effybird.com may not be aware that yesterday, by a stroke of amazing luck, I secured the rights to Journal52! The spooky thing is that when I first started my business back in 2010, I wanted journal52.com (the domain) and planned... read more

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